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UK chief scientists warn of 50,000 new infections every day without tougher restrictions – BBC News

Without further action to limit the spread of Coronavirus there could be 50,000 new cases every day in the UK by mid-October, according to the […]

Tighter restrictions in Bolton may be curbing the rise in coronavirus infections – BBC News

Bolton in Greater Manchester is one of the areas where tighter restrictions have been imposed, including a ban on being in other people’s homes. Pubs, […]

Leaked documents reveal UK banks helped fraudsters and money-laundering – BBC News

Leaked documents have revealed how some UK banks have helped criminals, money launderers and Russians under sanctions – and have also failed to stop crime […]

UK facing coronavirus “tipping point” as cases surge warns government – BBC News

The British government has issued a stark warning that the nation is at a tipping point with a surge in coronavirus cases. It’s said that […]

US election battle intensifies after death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg – BBC News

The election battle in America has intensified following the death of the Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was a champion of women’s and […]

Up to £10,000 fine for failing to self-isolate in England – BBC News

In a sign of the Government’s determination to tackle a steep rise in coronavirus infections in England, it’s announced stiff financial penalties for anyone failing […]

Scientists say vast areas of Siberia are thawing with "devastating consequences" – BBC News

Scientists are warning that across Siberia, vast areas normally frozen all year round, are now thawing, with potentially devastating consequences for the global climate. The […]

Boris Johnson warns of second wave of pandemic and tighter lockdown across England – BBC News

Boris Johnson has warned that a second wave of the pandemic is coming, as the number of infections rises sharply. More than three million people […]

Head of NHS testing programme admits huge rise in demand came as surprise – BBC News

The head of the NHS test and trace programme in England has admitted that she didn’t expect to see the huge increase in demand for […]

Nujeen’s story: the Syrian refugee who crossed Europe in a wheelchair – BBC News

Germany has announced plans this week to accept more than 1,500 migrants, following the fire at a detention centre on the Greek Island of Lesbos […]

Boris Johnson bows to Conservative rebels with Brexit bill compromise – BBC News

The Government has backed down in its stand-off with Conservative MPs, over controversial legislation that would override the Brexit withdrawal deal it reached with Brussels, […]